Soft Landscaping

Soft landscaping is the process of designing the elements of a landscape that do not involve construction. These elements include trees, turf, synthetic turf, shrubs, and flowers, mulch, and garden bed edging. A beautifully landscaped garden provides a place for families to connect and children can find it a place or learning and wonder. Brisbane’s subtropical climate allows for a wide range of plants to grow successfully.Some things to consider when deciding on Landscaping.

Some things to consider when deciding on Landscaping

1. What do you want your garden to achieve? Grow edibles? Enhance privacy? Create a floral display? Provide shade from western sun? Encourage wildlife?
2. What do you wan to do in your garden? Create play areas? Entertain?
3. What type of budget do you have for the project?
4. What types of plants do you like? Ground covers? hardy plants? Shady trees? Flowering shrubs?
5. Do you have a busy lifestyle? Maybe consider low maintenance drought tolerant plants that don’t drop a lot of leaves and make a mess.
6. Other factors include soil conditions, wind and how much sun or shade your garden gets. These are important considerations in regard to plant selection and layout.

Garden Express can inform you and help you decide with the best solutions, from start to finish which includes Plant selection, termite resistant mulch, soil testing and environmental conditions.

And after we Have finished the job we will leave you with a customised Manual on how to look after each specific plant we install, which will include:

How often to water.
The max height and width when mature.
Optimal time to trim/prune.
When and how often to fertilize.
Information about common pest and diseases found in most Brisbane gardens.
How to eliminate pest and diseases without nasty chemicals.
Don’t you have time to look after it? We can look after it for you and add you to our regular garden maintenance program.

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Soft Landscaping



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